The entertainment industry has been around since the dawn of human history. In medieval times, it can exist in the form of court jesters entertaining the court with jokes or gladiators battling each other to death in a colosseum. As civilisation progresses, entertainment develops into storytelling, drama, movies and grown…

Understand how real users use your product and experiment for future growth

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Months of preparation have led to this. Your product development team (UI/UX designers & engineers) have put in countless hours into crafting the final product and got past the Alpha Phase. Your business functions (marketing, customer support, sales) have drawn up (& redrawn) plans for launch and even participated as…

7 Tips to survive your first month as a Product Manager

Congratulations for landing your first gig as a product manager! Hurray right? Probably not, else you wouldn’t be here.

This pretty much describe my first month as a product manager

Fret now, here are 7 tips that will help you survive your first month as a product manager.

  1. Ask Questions…

Zen Liu

Product Manager @ Rakuten Viki

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